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About Yujin Gakuen

友人学園  ゆうじんがくえん

Origami Graphic

Yujin Gakuen’s mission: Enable our diverse student community to be productive citizens in our global society through a bilingualbiculturalintegrated Japanese/English curriculum.

友人 (Yujin) means “friendship”

学園 (Gakuen) means “school.”

Our school climate – We are:

Respectful 親切 しんせつ

Safe 安全 あんぜん

Responsible 責任 せきにん

Life at Yujin Gakuen


  • Taiko drumming
  • Bento (traditional Japanese lunch) making
  • Onigiri (riceball) celebrations
  • Traditional Japanese festivals
    • Aki Matsuri (Fall Festival)
    • Oshogatsu (New Year’s)
    • Kite Festival/Children’s Day (May)
  • Japanese plays performed by each grade level
  • Songs in Japanese
  • Traditional fan dances
  • Origami
  • Kimonos, yukatas and happi coats worn for cultural celebrations and performances
  • Bilingual school store (K-2)


  • Japanese taught by all native speakers
  • Immersion begins in kindergarten
  • Rigorous, fast paced curriculum
  • Subjects taught in both languages
  • Social-emotional instruction begins in K and continues through 5th grade
  • Our Japanese immersion program K-12 continues from Yujin Gakuen to Kelly Middle School and then North Eugene High School

We build community, family, and culture through…

  • Japanese class plays at each grade level
  • Hosting interns from Japan through a homestay program
  • Traditional Japanese food and activities, for students and the school community
Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade
  • Asian Celebration Performance
  • Tatami room experience
  • Annual play “Kasajizo”
  • Seasonal activities
  • Monthly character bento (lunch/snack) activities
  • Curry Day
  • Station work in Japanese and English
  • Taiko drumming performance
  • Urashimataro (folk play)
  • Raise and release salmon
  • Research project in English and Japanese
  • Performance with dancing and taiko
  • Yearly tour of the State Capitol
  • Annual rocket build and launch
  • Traditional New Year’s dinner with families
  • Integrated technology 
  • School leadership opportunities
  • Native American presenters
  • Bilingual buddy activities
  • Outdoor school

Information about our move:

Our location starting in August 2020: 850 Howard Ave. Eugene, OR 97404

While Yujin Gakuen and Kelly Middle School are co-located, there will be separate entrances, classrooms and gyms for both schools. The schools will share a cafeteria, but the lunch schedule with be staggered so that each school has their own time in the cafeteria. We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with our YG graduates in middle school. 

Yujin Gakuen is a choice school – any student can apply to attend YG through the Eugene 4J lottery system. Families who live outside the district may also request a transfer.